Media coverage

Dung Beetles for Farmers has been covered in the press a few times and team members have done various interviews and webinars that you may find interesting and useful.

Oxford Real Farming Confernce: Dung Beetles - The Farmers' Friend

Watch the whole session from ORFC 2022 covering:

  • What are dung beetles
  • Their habitats and lifecycle
  • Why they are important
  • How to farm in a dung beetle friend way
  • How to treat your livestock with wormers and mitigate impact on dung beetles

Regenagri Podcast - Dung beetles in regenerative agriculture

Find out why dung beetles are so key in regenerative. Claire and James have a really good chat with Harry from Regenagri on their podcast.

Farming UK - Dung beetles key to maintaining healthy pasture

Sally-Ann has done an interview for FarmingUK on why we need dung beetles.

BBC Radio 4 Farming Today

Sally-Ann was on BBC Radio 4's Farming Today programme talking about the importance of dung beetles on agricultural land. Listen again to hear the interview.

Dairy Farmer Magazine

Bruce talks to Sara Gregson in a Dairy Farmer Magazine article about how he farms his 300 dairy cows and has increased dung beetle numbers.

Meet the Farmers Podcast

Claire and Bruce talk all about dung beetles with Ben Eagle on the Meet the Farmers podcast explaining why they are so great on pasture.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast

Sally-Ann talks to Will Evans from the Rock and Roll Farming podcast about a whole range of subjects, including dung beetles!

Farmerama Radio

In this episode of Farmerama Radio Sally-Ann talks in depth about dung beetles and why they are so important.

PFLA Webinar - Dung Beetle Deep Dive

Sally-Ann talks in depth about dung beetles for a Pasture Fed Livestock Association webinar on dung beetles.

Bruce Thompson on dung beetles

Bruce shows us around his farm and talks dung beetles for the 2020 Northern Real Farming Conference.

Farming for Nature - Case Study

Farming for Nature Ambassador Bruce talks about dung beetles.

Extreme Chocolate Makers

What more could you want in life but a dung beetle made from high quality chocolate! Sally-Ann makes an appearance on Channel 4's Extreme Chocolate Makers as Sarah Hardy tries to make a chocolate Violet Dor Beetle Geotrupes mutator dung beetle.

These stunning, delicious dung beetles are for sale at the Edible Museum

Are dung beetles worthy of a 'pat' on the back?

Bruce's article for Agricology on dung beetles and how he supports them on his large dairy farm in Ireland.

How regenerative farming can improve livestock health

Claire explains some of the key ways livestock farmers can work regenerative farming practices into grassland management to improve livestock health; including talking about dung beetles.

BBC Radio 4 On Your Farm - Farming for Beetles

Entomologist and farmer Sally-Ann Spence has dedicated her life to the study of dung beetles. She's restored chalk downland in Wiltshire to create the perfect habitat for insects.

The Irish farmers peering into cow pats for precious dung beetles

Bruce examines impact of worming drug on beetles in this article.

BBC Radio 4 - Inside the Killing Jar

Is it okay to kill insects in the name of science? Sally-Ann answers the question on BBC Radio 4.

Claire Whittle - Nuffield Scholarship Profile

Ready about Claire's subject for his Nuffield scholarship: “Do regenerative agriculture principles improve the health and welfare of livestock?”.

Bruce Thompson - Nuffield Ireland Scholarship Profile

Ready about Bruce's subject for his Nuffield scholarship: “Anthelmintic resistance control measures incorporating pastoral management and dung beetles to increase biodiversity?”.