Case Studies

Camcloon Dairy - Ireland

Bruce Thompson is an 8th generation dairy farm located in the shadow of the Slieve Bloom mountains near Ballyfin Ireland. The farm consists of 320 milking cows with around 150 young stock across 360 acres with a 250 acre milking platform. The cows are high economic breeding index (EBI) Holstein cross-British Friesian-type with Jersey sires. They are milked at a 44-point Waikato rotary milking parlour. Bruce's aim is to have a 500kg cow producing 1.1 times their bodyweight in milk solids from a low level of concentrates; he isn't far off.

Conventional approach

Total €3857

  • 75 Calves (0-12 months) receiving 2 white drenches and 3 pour on wormers to cover for flies and lice over their first year’s grazing. €255
  • 75 In calf heifers (12-24 months) receiving 2 clear pour on wormers, one fly control product and one round of white wormer to cover for flies, stomach worms and lice. €506
  • 320 Lactating cows getting one round of clear white wormer mid-season, one dry-off dose with white drench and one mid season fly control product €3115

Targeted Selective Beetle friendly approach

Total €859

  • 75 Calves (0-12 months). Intervened 4 times and wormed 60% of the group each time. Alternating between white and yellow drench €99
  • 75 In calf heifers. 4 buckets of Stockholm tar, 4 litres of Eucalyptus oil. €360
  • 320 lactating cows. 10 litres of eucalyptus oil. €400